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Colonial lighting for midnight riders never faired so well!
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Colonial lighting Mt. Vernon wall sconces

Mt. Vernon post and pilaster Colonial lighting




Colonial lighting
Colonial lighting is icing on the cake of a colonial home. The Colonial lighting that was used during the period had a certain ambiance to it, that is not found in any other style of lighting. You will feel like you have stepped out of history book with our Colonial lighting. The Colonial lighting wall sconces even have Ben Franklin looking twice. The clear seeded glass on much of the Colonial lighting gives added character and is true to the period. The pilaster and post mount lighting is so attractive you might want to use it in your yard even though you don't own a Colonial home. The Colonial home is one of the all time honored classic styles of homes. And to do it justice you would want to make sure and install the appropriate light fixtures for the style. It never fails to cause consternation or dismay when one sees an inappropriate style light fixture on a house. For example, why on earth would a person put a craftsman style light on a colonial house? That would look ridiculous. And vice versa. Yet, we continue to see travesties of this sort on a daily basis. I thought this was all a part of the past when Old House Journal started running their "re-muddling of the month" feature.

When renovating a colonial home, or finishing work on a new home that was built with Colonial home house plans, one of the fastest and easiest things you can do is add lighting to the exterior and interior as well. Lighting can add so much and the appropriate kind of light on your home can really set it apart from others in the neighborhood. Also, keep in mind what tasks you may want to be doing  and purchase the appropriate light and lens. Apply some appropriate historic  paint colors to the home and add some highly stylized colonial lighting and you have made quite a statement without ripping out walls and spending a great deal of money if you are doing a remodel. Think in the long term when you are renovating your home or building a new one. In the years to come and in the present time, it will  help to increase the value of your home. A cheap, flimsy light, just won't stand the test of time, and you most likely will probably have to replace it in a few years. The Colonial period extended over quite a long time and the style has endured and prospered into the future as it is such an endearing look with a warm and comfortable feel to it.

Our Colonial lighting is inspired by 18th century designs, but keeps today's lifestyle in mind. We have many styles and collections to choose from . They look wonderful with antiques that you have in and around your home, they are sophisticated and retain the character of the period so they will be in style with your home today and far into the future. The appealing quality and ambiance is lasting and will be enjoyed in the long term. It is our hope to help beautify and help restore the integrity of  homes in America to their original state, whether or humble or grand. We have many different glass options and metal finishes to choose from in our selection of lights, so more than likely we have something that will go with your decor. So please keep that in mind when  you choose which ones you will use. Colonial Williamsburg should look so good and your home will too, when you install lights that look so outstanding.  And in closing, all we can say, among other things of course,  is keep America beautiful with Colonial Lighting and enjoy you home all the more! So take a few moments and enjoy figuring out which kind of lighting will enhance the beauty of your home.